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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Lesson from Fantasy Football

With the advent of the NFL season comes the arrival of fantasy football. If you’ve seen any of FX’s show The League, or know people who play fantasy, you’ll know that people can get pretty crazy about it. Ridiculous bets are won and lost, trash talk is colorful and inevitable, and in serious leagues the hoisting of the championship trophy can instill more pride than perhaps even the birth of a first born child.

As league commissioner of a robust 14 person league (anything with fewer than 12 teams is a joke, let’s be honest), I do my best to keep everyone connected. With members scattered across the globe (we have people on three different continents and across twelve hours’ worth of time zones), I decided to take full advantage of the video option for the League Commissioner’s notes.

Even though I’m capable of producing a quality, highly polished video (film one might even say), I use the webcam built into my laptop to record the videos I send out to my league. A snazzy, sizzling corporate film has its place, but not everything has to be rolling in production value. Bringing in a Condor crane for a fantasy football league video would be so much overkill. The important most important element of those league videos is to instill a sense of camaraderie and connectedness which takes nothing more than a webcam and some witty banter (and of course, plenty of trash talk). So when you’re thinking about incorporating video into your marketing strategy, take a minute to reflect on how important the production value is because in some cases, a webcam might do just fine.

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