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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Film for Good

There is no denying the benefits of video use in the corporate world. Whether selling a service, product, or lifestyle, a visual aid is sure to enhance your marketing prowess this day and age. But what if you're not "selling" something? What if your corporation doesn't operate for-profit? How can video be used to leverage a cause?

Many non-profit organizations (NPO's) in the US share a similar struggle: how to raise the most money possible for your cause without spending too much on overhead and fundraising. It's an unfortunate hurdle in the corporate world, but a hurdle nonetheless. However, there are proven successful ways to allocate those limited funds to receive the greatest return.

I can't speak much on overhead, but fundraising for your cause will surely require a marketing force of some degree. After all, the public needs to know the issue or injustice exists in the first place! And more importantly, we need to know your organization has a solution and there are ways we, the public, can help.

In March 2012, San Diego-based non-profit, Invisible Children, released a campaign video on YouTube. 

This video, though lengthy by YouTube standards, shocked the non-profit community. In a matter of days, the video went viral and attracted dozens of millions of views. It now stands shy of 100 million. This popularity was unheard of for a charity campaign. 

Invisible Children successfully leveraged the powerful medium of film to capture our imaginations and touch our hearts. The video attracted millions of viewers, but more importantly, it brought hundreds of thousands of donors, millions of dollars, and countless volunteers to the Kony 2012 campaign. A small marketing investment turned into one beautifully inspiring video and led to a remarkable public response.

If you have devoted your life to a cause, it is bound to be important. Don't keep it to yourself. Make a video, raise awareness, and let the public join you in the fight. 

For more videos and ways your non-profit can leverage the power of film to improve your campaigns, please refer to this Stay Classy article. 

-- by Ryan Brandenburg

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