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Thursday, August 1, 2013

What to Watch: Summer Shows 2013

If you turn on the boob tube this summer, your eyes are bound to be bombarded by a plethora of TV shows. Some are good. Some are bad. And the rest are more bad. But in defense of summer television, the good far outweighs the bad. Take the time to find the right network and the right series, and you'll feel like a delicious Cheddar Bacon Twice-Baked Couch Potato (trust me, it's a good feeling). There's only a month of summer left. So buckle down and immerse yourself in the best that television has to offer.

Here's a list of the top 5 Summer Shows to watch:

5. Arrested Development / Orange is the New Black - Netflix
Starting off with a twofer! Netflix is single handedly revolutionizing the way we watch television. Releasing an entire season of a series all at once ignites all types of crazy. But I like it. Let people watch a show at their own pace. Some people can't handle the week-by-week cliff hangers. Arguably, true fans will be willing to commit their twelve waking hours of their day to a single show.

Let's be honest, if you haven't watched any Arrested Development then you need to reassess your life choices. You want smart, witty writing that delivers a killer punch live every 30 seconds? Look no further. Arrested Development was taken away far too quickly, but the revival of the series offers a heartfelt attempt by writers and actors alike to give viewers a satisfying conclusion to the Bluth family saga.

Weeds fans will quickly recognize Jenji Kohan's influence in this new series. Orange is the New Black offers another powerful female centric tale that will keep viewers anticipating the consequences of a girl's sacrifice.

 4. Ray Donovan - Showtime 
It's tough to tell what's really going on in Ray Donovan's problem solving world. What we do know - a lot has happened that we don't know. What we don't know - a lot is going to happen very soon. A solid cast has powered this series thus far. Tune in now to embark on what is sure to be a hell of journey.

3. Dexter - Showtime
It's the final season of an epic saga. If you haven't been watching, you haven't been experiencing the most satisfying form of violence on the market. Dexter Morgan is the most charming serial killer you'll ever come across. If you have the stomach and the will power to commit to this series, do it. You won't regret it.

2. The Killing - AMC
I am going to give a purely objective, non biased opinion about this show. The Killing is, by far, the best Police/Detective/Murder Drama in the history of television. I'm just giving you the facts. This show provides a kick-ass cop giving her all to solve the most egregious of murders you've heard of. And when you think you've found out who's guilty... wait for it... turns out that person is innocent. MIND BLOWN. Just wait and see.

1. Breaking Bad - AMC
I know I've said this several times by now, but seriously, if you haven't watched Breaking Bad already then you've been wasting your time doing something else. Breaking Bad is, for all intents and purposes, the best TV Drama in the history of television. Walter White will go down as one of the biggest badasses in all of fiction. And the question still remains: What's going to happen in this final season? Who will live and who will die? Everything is up for grabs in this last hoorah. I promise you'll be fiending for each episode like you've never fiended for anything before.

-- by Ryan Brandenburg

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